Addiction Solitaire Game Play Online Free

History of Addiction/ Addiction is a pretty young game that is based on one of the classic Solitaire varieties, with slightly changed rules that make It easier to understand and play by all ages and categories of players.

How the cards are dealt

There are 4 horizontal rows on the board, hosting 13 slots each – one slot for one card. The game is played with 52 cards. After the deck is shuffled, they are placed randomly around the board. Once it’s done, the dealer seeks out the aces and removes them from the layout. As a result, four slots are now empty.

The goal of the game

Your purpose in Addiction is to move all 48 cards that are now in play in such a way that each row contains 12 cards of the same suit positioned in their numerical order. For example, you’re aligning the hearts. The two of hearts needs to go in the leftmost slot. The one next to it is meant for three of the same suit. Proceeding in such a manner, you have to eventually get to the king of hearts and leave the rightmost slot empty. You can choose any row for each suit – it makes absolutely no difference.

How to play Addiction

The arrangement of the cards is done by moving one card at a time to one of the empty slots near it. To make a valid move, look at the card that is located on the left of the empty slot. The card you’re about to move should be a) of the same suit and b) ranked one higher. For instance, you want to move a jack of clubs. You can only do it if there is a deuce of clubs on the left of the empty slot where you intend to move your jack. You can only move two’s to the leftmost slot in the row (provided that it’s empty of course). And if the card on the left of the empty slot is a king, no other card can be placed in that slot until the king is moved elsewhere.

Besides, you have three shuffles you can do during a single game. Only the cards that are in the right position will stay in place, the rest will change their position and end up in random slots. So what is the difference between the cards in the right position and all the other? This is a) each two that is leftmost in its row and b) one rank higher and of the same suit than the card of the left, provided that card itself is in the right position. The rest will be shuffled and rearranged between the available slots.

How much time and how many moves do you have?

There is no time or move limit. But the game keeps track of your performance, and you can always compare the results of your current session with your previous achievements in terms of the moves and the time it took you to finish the game. Good luck!

Addiction Solitaire Game Play Online Free

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