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You’re looking at one of the oldest boardgames known to the human civilization. It appeared in the East several thousands years ago. It’s unclear who exactly invented it, but it has been played among various nations.

According to one of the legends, it was a Persian reply to the Indian chess game. When Indians sent a chess set to the Persian king hinting that the Persians wouldn’t be able to crack the game, the king didn’t only figured out how to play chess quite quickly, but also tasked his wisemen to invent another game to send to Indians in return.

Backgammon sets were also found in Pharaoh tombs proving that this game had also been known in the Ancient Egypt. What’s interesting, it was widespread not only among the aristocracy, but also among mere people. With its help, Egyptian generals supposedly tried to develop tactical thinking in warriors.

Gradually, Backgammon had spread around the whole world and reached Medieval Europe where it was highly welcomed among dukes and earls. Solitaire Adventure Even Richard Lion’s Heart and Philip of France played it. Now it remains incredibly popular in many countries and, if you haven’t yet played it, you have a great chance to try Backgammon online!

Solitaire Adventure Game Play Online Free

Your objective is to move your pieces around the board that is divided into cells (or triangles) based on the rolls of your dice and remove them off the board faster than your opponent.

Backgammon can be played in several different ways. In this particular version, you start from the upper right part of the board and move your pieces counterclockwise while your opponent starts from the bottom right part and goes clockwise. If you want to switch the directions, you can do it in Options.

Rules of Backgammon

1) Determining who goes first

The first thing to be done playing Backgammon is rolling one of the dice – the one who gets a higher number is the first to make their move.

2) How the dice are rolled and moves are made

The rest of the moves are made using both dice. The rolls determine the distance to which you can move your pieces. For instance, if you have 2 on one die and 4 on the second die, you can move your pieces for 6 cells overall.

If you have the same number on both of the dice, the number of your rolls doubles up. That means, if you roll five on both dices, you have not 10, but 20 cells to make your move.

When you make a move, you need to use both dice (provided that it’s of course possible in the current situation on the board). Moving one piece corresponding to the number on one of the dice and then skipping the roll on the second die is against the rules.

3) Solitaire Adventure Which of the pieces can be used and which cells they can go to

You can only move the pieces that are on top. The move can only be made to a) an unoccupied cell b) a cell that already has other of your pieces c) a cell that contains your opponent’s piece (not more than just one).

In the latter case, the opponent’s piece is taken off the board and put in its middle. It remains in the game if the opponent manages to get it back into play starting from the very first cell. Until all of their pieces return on board, no other moves are allowed.

4) How the pieces are borne off

When one of your pieces makes a full circle around the board, you can start ‘bearing them off’. This can be done: a) if the number you roll is just as far as the distant the piece has to go to leave the board b) you roll a higher number on the unused die that is needed to bear off any of the pieces (that can apply to the piece that is placed farthest from the end).

5) How the game ends and the winner is determined

The one who bears off all of their pieces first wins the game. If you bear off your last piece before your opponent has even started doing it, that’s called gammoning. And if your opponent still has one piece left that hasn’t reached the last quadrant, that’s called backgammoning. Start playing right now, increase your skills and have fun!

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