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Among all Solitaire varieties, Clock Solitaire is probably one of the easiest. However, it’s still a lot of fun and offers a fresh perspective since the cards here are moved in a non-standard circular manner. It’s not so much about skill as about luck, which makes it a perfect game for any category of players, including kids.

The rules of Clock Solitaire

As you can guess from the name of the game, Clock Solitaire has something to do with the clock, and that’s how the cards are dealt. There are a total of 13 piles, each corresponding to a number of the clock, and one pile being placed in the middle (it’s called the King pile).

Your goal is to arrange the cards between these clock number positions based on their rank. Cards from 2 to deuces go into piles from two-o-clock to ten-o-clock. Jacks corresponds to eleven-o-clock and queens to twelve-o-clock. Aces are put into the one-o-clock position. All kings must be sorted into the central pile. The rules are quite simple, so let’s cut to the chase!

How to play

Started with a random layout, you have to move the cards around the clock until they end up in their correst piles. When all of them are put in the required positions face up, that means you won. However, you need to make sure at least one the kings remains face down before the rest of the cards are in their respective positions. If the four kings are face up in the middle of board before time, you lose the game.

As we said, Clock Solitaire is mostly about luck, so don’t get particularly upset if you fail to win the game at first attempt. And even at the following attempts because the probability of getting all the cards right is only about 7,5%. Just perceive it as a fun experience and a way to spend your free time playing some lightweight and unobtrusive card game that doesn’t require you to get the hang of complicated rules!

Clock Solitaire Game Play Online Free

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