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This entertainment has a lot of versions, and each comes with its own rules. Even if you have enjoyed this card game before, this time, you must get acquainted with these particular rules before you start. The main thing to know is that bidding is not available here as it is not a Bid option of Klondike Solitaire, but its Knock variant.

Basics of the game

It is designed for four gamers that are divided into two teams. Klondike Solitaire will be immediately associated with the epic Whist and roughly can be characterized as trick-taking entertainment with a trump. The gameplay asks each participant to offer one card. If you ever played cards, you know the role of trumps – in simple terms, they easily beat other suits. The usual scenario of the move changes if one of the players involves a trump card. Unlike in Whist, trump is defined by one of the teams. How long is the round here? The game continues until one of the sides hits a 10-point score.

Klondike Solitaire Game Play Online Free

This game does not operate with a traditional deck – Klondike Solitaire uses only 24 cards. What cards make this unusual deck? It includes Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, 10s and 9s across all the suits. Sometimes you may also meet Joker in some modifications, but this time you will not use it. There are no rules for choosing a dealer – this role is selected randomly. In the next round, you may change the performer of this role according to your own rules. Now give five cards to everyone. When every gamer receives his set, you just need to open the top card in the deck with the remaining cards. The next stage of the game starts now!

Let’s name trump!

This entertainment process is built around trumps. If you remember, one card of the deck is already visible. This suit is a potential trump. Now it is fully the players’ choice whether it will happen or not. So everyone, starting on the dealer’s left side, has to announce either their agreement or disagreement. Each gamer selects one of two variants – PASS or ORDER IT UP. In the first case, they are against this trump option, and, in the other case, they agree to this card suit to play the role of trump for the coming round. This exciting procedure when is known as a Calling Round. The next moment, the dealer mixes this top card with the remaining ones.

Two teams have different names. These are makers and defenders. The first team is responsible for the trump selection. If the situation develops in a way that all players decline the trump card, another attempt is needed. This time a player may just name the suit he prefers to be trump, except for the one that was rejected. However, if the remaining three players do not agree again, the dealer just makes a decision on his own. In this case, the Stick the Dealer rule works. This rule was added to the game at the request of the players. There are different modifications of Klondike Solitaire, and in some of them, different players can decide to play alone. However, in this game modification, this privilege is restricted.

Try playing alone!

There is only one person in the company who has the right to play solo. If you are the user who selects the trump suit, this privilege is available for you. If you decide to use it, your partner will leave further participation in the round and give back his cards. What is the benefit of this particular privilege? This approach allows you to earn more points. Take time to learn more details in the section about scoring, so keep reading. Earlier, the game allowed this opportunity to everyone – each player could select to play alone. However, later, the rules changed, and now only the dealer can enjoy this privilege.

Trump ranking principle

If you would like to gain successful Klondike Solitaire experience, it is advisable to take time and learn how exactly trump cards work here and what their rankings are. One thing remains common with similar card projects – this privileged suit is always higher than the three remaining suits. However, there are other nuances that are also important for the game outcome. What card is the most powerful? It is a bit unexpected, but it is Jack. And the second card? Here a surprise comes – it is also Jack! In this case, we are talking about a different suit, but of the identical color as trump. For instance, if players have chosen clubs, then Jack in the other black suit, spades, is the second strongest card in the deck. It is often named the Left Bower. With regard to all remaining trump cards – they act according to their usual ranking – from Ace to the lowest one. So, two Jacks will save you in all emergency situations and will beat absolutely all the cards in the deck.


Actually, there isn’t anything difficult in the playing process here. What does a move look like? A player offers any card. The others need to beat it, but they must offer the same suit. If they do not have a needed option in their set of cards, they can always use a trump card which can beat almost all the rest variants. All cards are subordinate to ranking. You need a higher-rank card to beat a lower-rank card within the same suit. At the same time, trumps have the strength to beat the other three suits without restrictions. What to do if a player does not have trumps either? In this situation, he is forced to accept the whole trick.


If you remember the game setup, it involves two teams – they are referred to as the Makers and their opponents – the Defenders. The former is responsible for selecting a trump suit. The team who manages to win 3 tricks in a row and get enough points, wins the confrontation. The opposite side will lose and get zero points. If the dealer opts for a solo role, there is a chance for a better score. For a better understanding, study the scoring principles below.
If Makers manage to outperform their opponents in three or four tricks, they will receive 1 or two points respectively. The other team gets nothing.
If Defenders are lucky enough to win three tricks and more, they receive two points, and the opponent team gets zero points.
If Maker plays solo, he gets 4 points for winning 5 tricks, and he gets only one point for winning from 3 to four tricks.
As it has been mentioned before, earlier, any player could choose to go alone. However, this often led to some confusion and misunderstandings, and the game rules were reviewed. Now only one player has the exclusive privilege to play without a partner – and it is the gamer who selects trumps.

Who can win?

To get this title, you should get 10 points to outperform the other team. The previous rule said that the winner should only exceed the opponent by 2 points, but it was now cancelled.

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