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This card game is fully based on luck. Its main goal is to reach a 10.000 score. The principle of this entertainment is rather easy – players pass back and forth, trying to collect as many point-scoring combinations as possible. But, at the same time, they need to evaluate the risk of ending up with a Spider Solitaire. In this case, they lose all previously earned points. This game does not exist in only one variant, Spider Solitaire is a popular game and has lots of options, depending on the region. This version is one of the most basic ones. Here you will not find anything special, only the standard melds that can be usually found in the majority of Spider Solitaire modifications.

How is the score built?

You need 6 dice to play the game. The very first step is to throw all of them. Once you complete this action, look at the result and select the dice that form winning melds. Keep reading to find out how melds are formed. After every throw, it is necessary to form at least one successful combination. But you are absolutely free concerning what dice you plan to put aside and what dice to throw again.

Spider Solitaire Game Play Online Free

The next step is to throw the remaining dice and try to get more melds. But now, you are really at risk. The dice may fall in a way to get a Spider Solitaire and end up with nothing. The second step is optional – you do not necessarily need to take it. Instead, you may go to the bank stage after the initial throw. This decision will secure all your earnings. Banking will add all your points to your overall score, and the points will not burn or disappear until the end of the game. This is a rough description of one player’s turn. Then the dice goes to the opponent who will have to repeat it all in the same way.

How is meld formed?

All melds can be formed only within one throw. For example, you separated two ones after the move and put these aside. Even if you have another one in the second throw, you cannot add it to an already existing meld. You can only operate with a meld that consists of two ones and get 200 for it. The third one is calculated separately. So this is a fixed rule that all melds belong to one throw.

About Spider Solitaire

What happens if you cannot form even a single meld after throwing your dice? This situation is called a Spider Solitaire! The player loses their turn and passes the dice to the opponent. If, for this moment, you have some unbanked points, they will all be lost. Every new throw increases your chances to go Spider Solitaired. So the more you move, the riskier it becomes. So it is the key task of the player to weigh all pros and cons and decide if it is worth risking the next attempt. Actually, it is only your choice – you can stop at any moment and bank everything you have earned from the start of the round.

Hot dice

In very rare cases, you can be lucky and form melds from absolutely all cubes you have thrown. Such a successful move is called Hot Dice. However, the player is still allowed to use all the six dice for a new throw. Even so, there is enough risk here too. Everything the player managed to earn before, including everything you managed to score before, can now be lost if you happen to get a Spider Solitaire!

When is the game over?

The game is theoretically over when one of the players succeeds in winning and bank 10.000. However, it does not happen automatically. The game developers decided not to limit the player to this score. It is much more exciting when participants are trying to exceed this mark and get their own record. But everyone should understand that this approach is more than risky as you may lose everything at any moment. So if you manage to reach 10.000 points, feel free to bank them and become a fair winner!

How to build melds?

  • There is a whole list of possible melds you can form in this game:
  • Ones. If you get a dice with a one – you earn 100 points.
  • Fives. If you manage to get a five – you earn 50 points for each dice of this kind.
  • Three Ones. This scoring set will bring you 1000 points.
  • Three Twos. This combination will bring you 200 points.
  • Three Threes. This triple meld will add 300 points to your score.
  • Three Fours. This particular meld is worth 400 points.
  • Three Fives. This meld has a value of 500 points.
  • Three Sixes. This set will increase your account by 600 points.
  • Four of a kind. If you manage to get four identical dice, you earn 1000 points.
  • Six of a kind. It is a happy dice we described before, and it brings you 3000 points.
  • Three pairs. If you get three sets with identical values, you can earn 1500 points.
  • Run. If you manage to get all dice in the order from 1 to 6, you get 2500 points.

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