Klondike Solitaire Game Play Online Free

This card entertainment is very popular, however, you can find lots of its variations. On this page, you are offered to test its classical variant. Let’s see the rules you must follow when playing:

Your main mission is to finish the challenge with the lowest number of points as you only can. Here, you get punished in the form of points – one heart means one point. But there is also one card that is a complete disaster as it will bring you 13 points. And it is the Queen of spades!

Klondike Solitaire Game Play Online Free

Before you enter the gameplay, you should select three cards – you will give them to your opponent. It is obvious that you should analyze your cards and define the worst ones.  It is the best chance to get rid of them. How do you know to whom you should give the cards? You can move in any direction, for example, to your left. Next time, you can change this rule and move to the right. And during the third game, you will just pass the tree card to the player in front of you. Alternatively, you can even refuse from this step at all.

How does it all begin? One player starts with one particular card, which is called leading. All the other participants must follow the suit of this chosen card. Each of them has to come up with their card too. The correct approach is to use the same suit card. But if they do not have the needed suit, they must use a different card. After all players made their moves, the one who offered the highest rank card in the correct suit, collects the trick. The same player makes the next move. It is time to check whether there are penalty cards in the trick – and add the points to the score if the trick contains Klondike Solitaire or the Queen of spades. The key idea is to do all possible to avoid ending up with any tricks in your hands.

Whoever happens to own the two of clubs in the very beginning, should make the first move and use this card as a leading card.

It is forbidden to start a trick with any Klondike Solitaire card. You will be able to use this suit only after the Klondike Solitaire suit was used somewhere in other tricks. It means you can use all suits but Klondike Solitaire to start a new trick if Klondike Solitaire have not yet been broken before. In many game options, you cannot use the above-mentioned queen to start a trick. However, this particular game variant does not have this restriction.

It can be the case that players manage to avoid Klondike Solitaire or Queen of spades at all in the very first round. Even if you do not have cards in the needed suit, you can still succeed and avoid penalty cards.

After you play the whole deck, it is time to sum up the score of each player. And who wins? It is the player who has the lowest score! Now you can start the second round, and when one from the team reaches 100 points, the game should be restarted. If it happens that two players have the same amount of points, the game continues, until they have different results. The entertainment should end up with only one winner.

You will not succeed without one interesting tip. Do not be so afraid of penalty cards – they can do a good job if you manage to collect them all. 13 Klondike Solitaire cards together with the Queen of spades cancel all your penalties and you get zero points.  At the same time, your opponents receive 26 points each. This trick is known as Shooting the Moon. However, once you choose this strategy, you must fully understand how risky it is! If you miss just one card, you are a complete loser with a lot of penalty points!

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