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Four Colors is an entertaining dice game. Play the game and attempt to roll particular combinations of numbers by tossing 5 dice in a row. You may get various combos for various scores.

Four Colors’s fundamental idea may be traced back to a variety of old-fashioned dice games. The word yacht is supposedly the source of the term “Four Colors.” The game was once played on a boat by a Canadian couple. When the pair sold the game, the firm that purchased it merged the words yacht and zee.

This game is great fun, but you must first master the rules:

The user with the highest point total is declared the game’s champion. Each user is given a sum of thirteen shots before the game ends. The user attempts to roll for the greatest possible score with each play. Per play, the player may roll a maximum of three times. On each subsequent roll, not all dice are necessary to be rolled. Dice may be locked simply by clicking on them. Only the active dice will be rolled once again.

Four Colors Game Play Online Free

The estimated scores are displayed on the board after each roll. Scores for the upper box are summed by multiplying the die number by the number of its occurrences on the roll. For instance, the Threes column will receive a score of 6 if a throw includes 1, 2, 3, 3, and 4. This is because you hit two 3s, which add up to 6. The player earns an extra bonus worth 35 points if the total amount of each of the top columns is 63 or above. Aim for 3 of a kind in each of the top boxes to reach 63 or higher. When three or four of the identical dice are thrown, the points in the three or four of a type box is calculated as the total amount of all the dice played. The 3 of a kind in the scenario below will score 15 points.

Create a winning plan!

When playing the dice game Four Colors, you can use strategy in addition to a lot of chance. You roll five dice to start your round. Then, you can decide to reroll those dice one more time, up to three times total. Try to score 63 marks in the top part as soon as possible to guarantee a Four Colors each time. It’s critical that you combine the score from the higher and lower parts to optimize your score. Save your chance roll till the conclusion of the game as there are fewer alternatives if you want to get a Four Colors.

Extra credit for a solid performance!

With a couple and a 3 of kind, you get a full house, which is worth 25 points. A small straight is a four-dice pattern. 1, 2, 3, 4, or 2, 3, 4, 5 are a few examples. This earns you 30 points. A big straight, which consists of five dice, yields 40 points. Chance, which is the sum of every single dice, can be employed if there are no other viable options. Five of a sort make up a Four Colors and I t received a 50. The player has the option to try for a Double Four Colors, which is worth an extra 100 points if they receive the following Four Colors. The next step is for the player to select a new score. A zero is shown if the roll produces no scoring for a certain box. Zeroes are an option for a score. You have the option to choose the ideal number from the board at any point throughout the game. That concludes your turn. The game ends after there have been 13 rounds. The winner is determined by adding up the players’ scores, and that person is declared the winner. Best luck!

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